6 comments on “Soul mates

  1. It is a wonderfully well written and explained write up. You are as good a writer as you are a human being and i wish you to always remain like that and continue writing good things!

  2. Well, I totally agree with you that it is the most complicated and misunderstood term for a common person, like me. But the only difference is that I am looking for an answer, which most of us won’t like to do. We all like to keep the mysteries left unsolved of this mysterious world rather than going against the tide and look for an answer, that would gratify your soul.

    But, here I would like to ask you that what should one do when you know that your soul mate is right in front of you and still you know that you cant get them or exactly how do one meet with that other part soul in this huge world. Do we have the patience and the courage to fight the world in order to meet that missing part of our soul. How do we come to know that yes, this is the one?

    We all know that it is that missing half soul that will make us complete, fulfill our longing, but actually none of us in this 21st century have the time to look for our so called soul mates. But still I would love to believe that there are some, who would do anything for their soul mates.

  3. Honey its too many questions and i admit that I don’t have answers to many of them but again I would try to answer as many as I honestly can.
    We all find what we look for whether its love, money, fame or soul mate. So if you truly long for your soul mate you will find him.
    Loving is not possessing. So its ok even if you don’t get to spend your life with him. Knowing the fact that he is there is enough to justify our existence.
    Falling in love should not be mixed up with meeting a soul mate for we can love many but are not likely to meet more than one soul mate in a life time.
    We always know when we meet our soul mate because with him its like coming home. you feel complete and there is no struggle and no conflict or power games. There is never any need to fight it out with the world. To put in the words of my soulmate ” there is always a reason behind everything that happens”.
    Accept yourself, let yourself go with the flow and embrace your destiny.

  4. I loved your blog. I accept we are incomplete without a soul mate. If one has got the eyes to see beyond the physical body and see within, only then can he/she find a soul mate. Physical mate can be found by anybody. Its a temporary association. Finding a soul mate implies alignment with Almighty. Its what true love is all about. An attraction beyond physical dimension is sacred in all accounts and can never be explained.If we say God is infinite, it implies even he is not aware of his own start and end. Then why find answers, when the beauty lies in the question.

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