9 comments on “mel-gibson

  1. I think Mel Gibson, asside from his personal issues, is unarguably one of the most talented individuals today.

  2. I really do not care what is his personal issues… because everyone has one. For me, I love Mr. Gibson. He is such a very good actor, I never get tired of watching his movie with Julia Roberts, CONSPIRACY THEORY… I love this movie. Well, I like Ramsom, Forever Young. I did not much about BRAVEHEART, it is too bloody.

    Anyway…. MEL GIBSON is GREETTTTTTTT!!!!!

  3. Mel Gibson is a super actor, I hope to talk with him one day, I would love to have his advice what he thinks would make a good, top notch movie. Thanks Mr. Dan Fox of Fox Twenty First Century Productions

  4. Everybody has problems and has done something wrong at one time in their life. Mel Gibson is a great actor and should be treated as such, It is not our business what goes on in his personal life. Enjoy Mel for his great movies, dont pick him apart for his wrongdoings. With that said, I wish he would do a remake of Road Warrior and I would like to see a Lethal Weapon 5.

  5. He should be in prison, not roaming about free. Or, better yet, a mental health care facility. It always fascinates me how people treat these celewbrities with respect, even when they’re reprehensible human beings.

  6. Its been some time, hows everything going Mel ? When you come to Saint Augustine let me know, so I can show you around. You can call me any time, ph. 1-904-829-5856 when you call start talking let me know it is you so I can answer the phone. Take care Dan Fox your still the best Actor!

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