Random Poem Tree

Closer than edge of lips in kisses
sweet melodies baste our hearts

beats singing a litany of our dreams

as jubilation dancing across

glowing skies of our awakenings

and settles lightly upon

outstretched arms of our dawn

waltzing and pirouetting across

polished dance floors of our hours

bowing and curtsying

reflections of our knowings

as well orchestrated notes bid

our steps with new worlds wed

and burst into blooms of uninhibited joy

from union of our true selves bringing forth

bliss that alone neither of us could imagine.

Author Info- D. Russel Micnhimer is an American author of several books on rock art, fiction and poetry including his collection Notes to Be Left with the Gatekeeper, Leaves and Pebbles and Lotus Mirage. NaliniPriyadarshni is an Indian writer whose art, poetry and fiction has appeared in several literary journals and anthologies. They live at the opposite sides of the globe and…

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