I have come to believe I am a goddess, may be  only of small things but goddess nonetheless. I can create magic, change things, change myself, create myself. This blog is one of my creations, nothing ambitious just something that I picked on the way and now want to give back.

There are some things that one tends to learn during the course of life. Then there are things that you toil to learn and there are still somethings that are thrust upon you and you have no other choice but to learn them. This blog is a amalgam of all three… things that I toiled to learn and those that I just picked up during the course of life and then those that I am forced to study and write as a freelance writer.

I would appreciate all your comments and feedback. Please feel free to get in touch if there is a writing assignment that you feel I would be able to do justice to. Write me at godessofsmallthings26@yahoo.com


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