Steps for Makeup

Applying makeup well is an art. A badly done makeup can actually mar the beauty instead of enhancing it. Though makeup is open to experimentation, yet certain basic steps need to be followed to achieve the desired look.

Start with a concealer a shade lighter than the foundation. It works best when dotted over the blemishes or under eye dark circles and smoothed over the skin with fingertips or sponge.

Dot the foundation that matches your skin tone exactly, all over the face before blending it with finger tips or makeup sponge.

Loose or compact powder should follow next as it keeps the makeup in place, longer.

Once the base is ready it’s time to move to the most important part of the face, the eyes. Use a hard and slanted brush to do your eyebrows with powdered eyebrow shadow. As pencil can make brows look unnatural, it should be avoided.

Usually three shades of eye shadows are used. Use the darkest one to just line your upper eyelid along the upper lashes. Medium shade can be used for the crease and lightest shade under the eyebrow.

You can use a thin liner brush or an eyeliner pencil to line the lower lid below the lashes and lash line very close to the upper lashes. You can use eye liner differently to achieve different results.


Mascara opens up the eyes, giving them a very dramatic appearance when it is used on both upper and lower lashes. You can also try coloured mascara instead of the usual black and brown one but don’t use a bright shade as it gives a look that is too casual.

Blush can be applied on the apple of your cheeks as well as below it. Use the colour to match your skin tone otherwise it can make your skin look sallow.

Line your lips with lip liner to define and shape them but only after applying lipstick. The shade of lip liner should be as close to the lipstick as possible otherwise it would look odd once the lipstick wears off. Choose the lip colours to match your outfits and your moods and use lots of gloss to achieve a glamorous look.


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