Add Olive Oil To Your Diet

myron-olive-oil-2402853A well-balanced and healthy diet not only adds years to life but also joy to living. A diet that includes olives or its oil plays an important role in keeping your body fit and healthy. In case you are wondering what’s so special about olive oil, research has shown that virgin and extra virgin olive oil is full of vitamins, antioxidants and monounsaturated fats and has high level of polyphenols that protect the body from life threatening ailments such as heart attacks, strokes, cancer and diabetes. Regular consumption of olive oil boosts longevity, delays the effects of ageing and diminishes age-related decline. If its health related benefits that attract you to olive oil then make sure that you buy virgin and extra virgin variety.

Olive oil is a culinary marvel as it enhances the flavour of food, gratifies the palate besides having great nutritional qualities. It is one of the best known cooking mediums as it preserves its nutritional value even at high heat. Food fried in olive oil absorbs less oil; tastes better and add fewer calories to your food. Olive oil gives you freedom to enjoy a wide variety of dishes absolutely free from guilt.olive-oil_5810

Don’t be let the marketing jargon printed on the olive oil bottles confuse you. It’s important to look for the grade (this will tell you whether or not it is ordinary, extra virgin, etc), acidity level (it should preferably be low, the extra virgin olive oil just has an acidity level of about 0.8 percent) while buying it.  If you are picky about the flavour of the oil then it’s a good idea to look for variety also. Check outextra-virgin-olive-oil whether it is early or late harvests keeping in mind those olives that are harvested early make green oils, while late-harvest oils are generally golden in colour.

Add Olives, the fruit from which olive oil is extracted, to your diet as a snack, spread, in salads or dips for it also boasts of health benefits that are akin to its oil.


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