Fight Stress With Exercise

There is enough stress around that all yoga and meditation studios of the world can make big bucks treating it and then some more to spare. Our lives are filled with all sort of problems from paying bill, work pressure, future of the kids, family chores and many more. While we cannot change the situations and wish all the problems away we can certainly learn to handle these problems by improving our attitude towards them.

Stress is all about distressing state of mind and body. It can be depression, high blood pressure, heart problems, tension in muscles, panic attacks, mental fatigue, and bad temper or for that matter anything which is having an adverse affect on your performance. Stress can be very devastating and can cause serious harm to your body.

A regular exercise regime can help you not only in getting out of stress but also keeping it at a bay for a long time. It pumps more oxygen in your body by increasing blood flow and help releasing endorphins which is a feel good chemical. Even if everything else does not come up to scratch at least you are sure of one good thing you have done in a day and that’s exercising.

Eating a balanced diet is as important as exercising. It happens that when you get stressed you tend to eat indiscriminately. A diet with poor nutritional value can make you feel lethargic, distracted and even listless at times. By eating healthy diet which fulfils all nutritional needs, you ensure a correct sugar level, proteins, vitamins and essential minerals. This shoots up your energy level, lift your stamina, removes toxins from body, strengthen your immune system and keep you in high spirits whole day.

Get yourself organised as disorganisation multiplies your stress. It’s very important to take some time out for exercising as it gives you confidence and a confident mind is more likely to plump for better options in life. Realising that there are some aspects of your life that you can control significantly lowers your stress. Putting off exercising day after day adds to the stress and so does the unorganised lifestyle.

Nothing can be worse than lying in bed and pondering over everything that went wrong that day. This kills our sleep and compounds our stress. An exercise regime can help you in winding up a day on a positive note and help you sleep better. A well rested mind and a strong body is a fantastic way to face the next day on a more positive note.


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