Calories Shifting – An Effective Way to Lose Weight

A body that is not only lean but also hale and hearty is what all men and women long for as it adds to their good looks and ensures healthy life. A slim, healthy body is essential for a trouble free and rewarding life. Anyone can have a healthy body provided he is ready to modify his daily diet by replacing unhealthy eating habits with healthy ones.

Dieting is one effective way of having a healthy and slim body. Some people believe that dieting means restraining yourself from eating or living in constant deprivation which is complete myth. Dieting is, in fact, not eating less but eating right. Dieting allows you to choose the right kind of food which is low in calories and free of all toxins. Eating less but high calorie food can load your body with fats. Concept of calorie shifting is considered to be most effective and widely used by fitness gurus now-a-days.

Calorie shifting is about feeding the body with the optimum amount of calories needed per day by a person. According to this principle of calorie shifting, daily food is divided into four meals of 400 calories each as 1600 calories are recommended for an average person. That’s another matter that we usually take anywhere between 2000 to 2500 calories, many of which contribute to our steady weight gain as we settle down to a sedentary life style with age.

Calorie shifting can be successful only if you have knowledge of nutritional values of all you eat in a day. Once you learn to calculate that, you can divide your diet into four meals taking care that it does not exceed 400 calories per meal. It gives you the liberty of eating anything you like while keeping a strict check on calorie intake. This way you can pamper your taste buds without affecting your weight.

Food rich in monounsaturated fats should be preferred over saturated fats.  These “good fats” which are found in grains, lean meat, nuts etc. get easily digested by the body bringing the chances of fat accumulation in body to minimum. So, you see, it’s not just counting calories but also the source and quality of food that matters. 


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