Cellulite Reduction With Home Remedies

If you are wondering about the orange peel like skin appearance that seems to be overtaking your thighs, abdomen and practically everywhere else then its time you know that this condition is called Cellulite.  Caused by the swelling of sub dermal fat cells which push around the connective tissues that hold the cells together, cellulite is more embarrassing than life threatening. Despite all the promises made by expensive creams, lotions, injections and host of other therapies, diet and exercise remain the best bet in reducing cellulite.  Best mantra is to lose fat by whatever mean possible as it is the root cause of cellulite.


Eat Food High in Dietary Fibre and Low in Fat

Diet that includes fresh fruits, leafy veggies, and whole grains like oats, rye, millets, barley etc is more likely to combat cellulite than the one with refined, precooked and packed variety. The word to remember is – DETOX.

celluliteIt’s important to detoxify your liver and colon by reducing the intake of salt, sugar, fat, caffeine, and nicotine. Fasting once a week and drinking at least 8-12 litres of water every day helps in removing toxins from body. Major chunk of fat in your diet should come from nuts and sea-food rich in omega3. All berries, like blueberries and tomatoes are known to work wonders to reduce cellulite.

Regular Exercise

Choose any form of exercise that you find pleasurable and do it regularly. Any motion exercise like speed walking, cycling, climbing stairs, yoga and aerobics will work as effectively as weight training. It’s important to keep changing the exercise routine to ward off boredom. Giving up smoking, drinking alcohol and stressful lifestyle has known to slow down cellulite build-up. The point is to burn fat which is the main culprit in cellulite production.stomach_cellulite

Regular Body Massage
Massaging the cellulite affected areas can prove to be very helpful as it breaks down fat cells and increases blood circulation. Use a body brush, a body wash or exfoliating product while bathing to increase circulation. Aromatherapy oils like sage, cypress and juniper have proved to be useful in cellulite reduction. There are a few natural and safe Spa Cellulite Reduction methods available for those who look for special treatment.

Wear Pantyhose

Wearing pantyhose is known to reduce cellulite. Special derma-wear is available in the market which fits as snugly as pantyhose and is helpful in reducing cellulite by improving the circulation and pushing the fat cells.


4 comments on “Cellulite Reduction With Home Remedies

  1. Hi there,

    I was first in the gym this early morning, and the
    woman next to me on the treadmill has been
    working out very hard, i have noticed her few
    times and i just stuck a dialogue, Ask her
    just what is the most favorite
    work out routine. First thing pop out of the woman’s mouth ended up being, oh Im simply trying to get free of cellulite
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    When i ask the girl just what
    exercise she had been
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    once i was finished i offered her to come
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    exercises which will aid her in
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    I revealed her easy Workouts
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  2. Hi
    I would just like to know just what exactly i have to do to get rid of thigh cellulite, This is awkward and i want to go to a bridal in about two months, i have been eating proper meal and attempting to keep off all sort of fat and bad food.
    If perhaps any one know what i have to do regarding this please let me find out, Appreciate it.
    Ps; i Do not wish to shell out a whole lot of cash, want help, any one!

  3. Cellulite is a terrible matter for a lot of of the women of all ages. They assume that when people are becoming older that they tend to be frequently affected. Some instances they will even blame the mom declaring they have cellulite and so most of us will probably have. It is likely to get free of cellulite and also can actually minimize it. It can easily be prevented by two things eating habits and work out.

    The three main components make you extremely pleased of your body they are diet, strength training and cardio exercise. Most of you assume in which this is quite frequent and each 1 describe with regards to it, and you may also believe that you have to do good deal to follow it. Zero, it is very straightforward. It is in which just what you eat and what you lose additionally what you do with the muscle a person possess. This does not mean of which the cellulite will be absolutely rubbed apart but you could bring decrease the body fat degree and develop your muscle tissue and so in which the cellulite ( Extra fat Cells) are usually made even and invisible.

    http://howtonaturallygetridofcellulite.blogspot.com/ – Naturally Get Rid Of Cellulite


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