How To Have a Flat Stomach

Are you one of those who keep wondering why our stomach area just keeps growing wider every year with a protrusion in the front that just keeps growing bigger? Rather than blaming pregnancies, busy schedules, family tendencies or poor thyroid, we need to realise that the person who stares you back from the mirror is the one to be blamed for the that oodles of fat that just refuse to go away. And the only twin mantra to get rid of unseemly tyres around your waist is right diet and exercise.

All of those who have ever tried to get rid of the belly fat know that it’s a near impossible task unless you know the right way of doing it. If you have already started eyeing slimming belts or getting ready to pop those wacky fat burning pills, let me tell you that all you need to do is to get your metabolism working for longer and change your diet to a more healthy one.  Mind you, you don’t have to switch to some diet plan or follow some special diet or worse still starve you; you just have to make healthy choices when you pick your food.

One thing that you must remember that belly fat is like any other fat and you cannot get rid of it by just exercising abs. You need to love fat from all over the body to lose inches from your waist. So going for those exercise programs that work on large muscle groups like squats, lunges and step ups burn more calories along with producing muscle building muscle, testosterone which will keep the metabolic rate high for up to 24 hours of your work out.

Ideally, core of the stomach should be targeted to achieve a flat stomach. Transverse abdominals which we often use when we pull our stomach in are also part of the “core” and so does the lunges.  Pelvic tilts are another effective exercise to tone the abdomen. You need to lie on the floor with your knees bent, feet firmly planted on the floor and back pressed against the floor. Lift the pelvic, hold for some time before slowly bringing it back to the floor.

Scissor kicks, another very good exercise for abs, is done while lying on the floor. While lying on the floor, place your hands under the gluteus and raise your one leg slowly to about 10 inches from the ground and then slowly bring it back. Follow the second leg with the same up and down movement. Repeat at least ten times.

Another amazingly easy exercise that is very useful in flattening your tummy is to lie on the floor and focus on your navel imagining that a thread has been threaded through it and draw it downwards. While holding the navel drawn down towards the floor, continue to inhale and exhale.  Start off by repeating all these exercises at least ten times and gradually increase the repetitions.


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