Yet Another Reason for Women to Opt for Weight Loss Surgery

benefits of weight loss surgery

benefits of weight loss surgery

If you are a woman struggling with weight issues and want to start a family, weight loss surgery has an additional benefit for you. It would now have a positive effect on not only on your personal health but also the health of your unborn child. Sounds like a fantastic tale? It’s a fact, ladies.

Dr John Kral of SUNY Downtown Medical Centre in Brooklyn, N.Y. and co-author of the study revealed that their study confirmed previous research showing that the intrauterine environment might be far more important than genes and the post-natal environment when it came to the association between maternal obesity and childhood obesity.

The procedure of biliopancreatic diversion, a popular surgery for weight loss, changes the standard process of digestion. It makes stomach smaller to control the food intake and ensures that food bypasses part of small intestine which results in fewer calories getting absorbed.

In other words, weight-loss operation lessens the amount of food a person can eat and keeps a check on the amount of food that can be digested to reduce calorie intake.

It’s a proven fact that obesity and its co-morbidities can be transmitted to kids from obese moms which is an indication that the intrauterine environment is determining factor whether a child is destined to become obese. Under such circumstances, it becomes important that if you are planning a child, weight loss should rank very high on your list of ‘must do things’. By losing weight, you not only improve your own health but improve the quality of your unborn child as well.

Kral said, “For those women interested in both surgical treatment and having children, we believe surgery should come first. Preventing obesity and treating it effectively in young women could prevent further transmission to future generations.”

Best part is if you opt to lose weight by any mean including weight loss surgery, your baby will have lower birth weight and waist circumference and his chances of becoming obese are much less. Your child will enjoy reduced insulin resistance and lower cholesterol.

Kral was absolutely right when he said, “Any medical or surgical treatment to reduce obesity and existing metabolic disorders before pregnancy can be an investment in the life of future offspring.”


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