Feng Shui With Flower Horn

Flower Horn Fish or Hua Luo Han has been declared Feng Shui Fish from year 2004 to 2024 by the experts. It is supposed to bring good health and prosperity to whoever keeps it at a designated place in his home or work place. It is believed that Flower Horn attracts positive energy and this is the reason of the immense popularity this fish has gained in the last couple of years. The most interesting thing, however, is that Flower Horn is not found in nature but is a result of cross breeding among American Cichlid.

Flower Horn can attain a length of about 30cms and requires a big aquarium. A healthy Flower Horn Fish has an oval and thick body with somewhat rounded shape and a well spread fins and tail. Color is bright reddish pink with thick black marks on the body and shiny light blue or green scales on the body. The hump on the head should be in proportion with the size of the fish, a smaller fish with bigger hum or a bigger fish with smaller hump is indicative that either fish’s health of quality of the breed is not very good. It’s important to know that the hump size differs in male and females. Males have bigger humps than females and this need to be kept in mind while judging their health.

Flower Horn is very aggressive and big fish hence needs a big and well set aquarium. They are better kept alone due to their aggressive nature, but if you want to keep more than one Flower Horn then you need to have an aquarium big enough for fish to have their own territories. Flower Horn is hardy and adaptable but to keep it healthy it’s pertinent to keep the temperature between 25°C and 28°C.  PH should be between 7 and 8 to maintain the body color of the fish. Water filter system needs to be a good to handle waste of this big fish and if you can manage external filter it’s even better as it leave more space for the fish in the tank

Make maximum use of gravel and good quality strong plastic plants in the tank where you intend to keep Flower Horn. It is even better if you can manage live plants we well. To maintain their body color and health it’s important to feed them with live fresh water fish as frequently as possible. You can feed them dry fish food specially developed for cichlids as well. The mix of live feed can comprise of healthy small fishes, earth worms, wax worm etc. You also have an option of frozen feed like shrimps in case you can’t get live fish. Allow fish to feed for 5-6 minutes and remove whatever is the left over after that to keep the aquarium clean. Feed them twice daily and divide the feed in two equal parts to avoid over eating.

When the fish reach the length of around 10-11cms they are ready to breed. Breeding is not easy and depends upon the environment of the aquarium. Female Flower Horn needs quiet aquarium to be comfortable enough to breed. They breed exactly like cichlids. Female lays eggs and takes care of them while the males duty is to guard the eggs.

Flower Horn is a great fish to have and if kept with care can be a good pet.


2 comments on “Feng Shui With Flower Horn

  1. i hav a matured pearlscale short body flower horn and a baby long body fh…i feed them with both live and frozen food…i take care of them..and i love them a lot..

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