Clash of The Titans: Dell V/S HP

Is there any answer to the question who is stronger, lion or tiger? Well, this is a clash of titans and both are strong contender for the crown. The same goes with Dell and HP as both are the giants of the technology world and the comparison is inevitable.

hp_magic_giveawayIt’s not easy to make a choice between the two as both are equally matched in almost all aspects. One thing is assured that you will get a good deal and value for your money from both as far as price and quality is concerned. Both Dell and HP give promotional offers from time to time and you must check these offers out to get the best deal. Both have a proven track record of solid quality, great after sales services and distribution network.

For the people who want to use their laptop mostly for entertainment likes songs and videos, Dell is sure to provide a better deal whereas HP is better for those who want to buy laptop for professional usage.

But despite above similarities there is a significant difference between the two when it comes to the looks. Keeping in mind the individual preference for looks computer manufacturing companies are coming up with laptops in various colors, designs and sizes now a days. HP laptops are glossier while Dell has matte finish. Though glossy looks of HP are attractive but demands a lot more care and cleaning as the shiny surfaces are prone to finger marks. Dell doesn’t have this problem, as their laptops have matte finish.Dell-notebooks

Buying a laptop is a big investment and it’s always good to check out the laptops personally by visiting the stores. You can purchase an HP Laptop at any authorized HP dealer but same is not true in case of Dell as they sell only online and the entire information and assistance you need for buying laptops is provided online. As far as price is concerned, Dell has a slight edge, as they pass on the margin to their buyers by bypassing retailers. Both Dell and HP are equally good and choosing any one of the two will give you equal satisfaction. But the question still remains intact, who is stronger lion or a tiger?


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