Difference between a Laptop, a Notebook and a Netbook

Most of the people get confused among a netbook, laptop and notebook. Netbook is the latest addition in the field of information technology. Laptop and notebook are called so because of their size. While laptop can sit on your lap, a notebook is a computer which is the size of a notebook. Though both laptop and notebook have same functions, they differ in terms of power and number of features they have. In general, laptops are more powerful than either notebooks or netbooks and have more features and better functionality.

A netbook is even smaller than a notebook. The main function of the netbook is to access the internet mainly for mobile communication. They are also the smaller, lighter and most importantly cheaper than both laptops and notebooks.

But netbooks have their own limitations as well. Netbooks are not as feature and power loaded as laptops and notebooks are. But netbooks have enough features and applications to run the internet with an ease.

Most of the netbooks don’t have CD or DVD drives and are comparatively slower. The main strength of a netbook is its tiny size, but this also is one of its weaknesses. This makes its screen very small and doesn’t leave enough space for a full fledged keyboard. It takes time to get used to of small 9 inches screen. But this should not deter you from buying a netbook as it is the best and the cheapest mean to stay connected. All products have their strong and weak points. A laptop cannot be carried in a ladies purse but a netbook can be and if you are in chatting and casual net surfing then laptop can’t beat a netbook as this is what netbook is best at.


One comment on “Difference between a Laptop, a Notebook and a Netbook

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