How to Protect Your Computer

It’s very important to keep a strict vigil on your computers health. Taking small precautions can help in keeping your data safe and save you a lot of money that you may otherwise end up spending on computer repairs.

It’s very important to install an original Antivirus on your computer. Keep checking on a weekly basis whether the Antivirus you have installed on our computer is up-to-date and is performing its functions of scanning and cleaning the computer or not.1

Use a blend of numbers and alphabets in upper and lower case in your password to stop the hackers from breaking in your account. Keep changing your password from time to time. Always take a backup of all your data on weekly basis. This backup data can be stored on USB drives, e-mails and other services available on the Internet. You must update your computer operating system on regular basis as well.

It’s always wise to pay for any movie or song or any other software you want to download. With free downloads come free virus, which will infect your computer system. You may end up paying more money in getting rid of these viruses than you would have paid to download a particular song or movie from a paid site.

dell-inspiron-It’s a must to use a good firewall system as it controls all network connections, detect network attacks and provides computer invisibility on the network. It blocks all unknown inbound and outbound traffic. Whenever your computer flashes the messages “Restart Your PC Now” just follow it. It helps to perk up the performance of your computer by updating it.

It’s important to protect your computer from theft. Your laptop is an expensive item and also very easy to steal. So never trust and leave your laptop on others responsibility.

Always install a surge protector on your desktop to protect it against power surges. Make sure the surge protector you have is of a very good quality.

It’s important to secure your wireless network with a password. Hacking any unencrypted wireless network is a piece of cake for hackers as they can see and read the information you send across to other computers. There is a bad world out there and it’s only you who can protect your computer.


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