Make the Most of Your Digital Camera

sony-The advent of digital cameras has marked the beginning of a whole new era of photography. Much can be done with pictures clicked by digital cameras. Photographs clicked on digital cameras can be stored on hard disk, memory cards, CDs and DVDs to preserve those precious moments of our life

It is rather common to download the pictures from camera on a computer and save them on the hard disk to view them whenever you want to. When you download the pictures on computer you have the option of modifying these pictures and giving them various effects.

Another option is to view the pictures clicked on digital camera on digital photo frames. These photo frames are equipped with a digital screen and can read and display the pictures copied on the memory card from your digital camera. They can receive the pictures from your computer as well. These digital frames can play a single picture as well a slide show of all the pictures saved on the memory 2

You can also send pictures clicked by your digital camera as email attachments to your family and friends. Many of the e-mail service providers do limit the size of the attachments, so you need a resolution of around 800X600 to fit in the size permitted by the e-mail service provider.  This will also make it easy for the recipients to download and view the attachments.

sony_3 Photos clicked through digital cameras can be stored online. Some websites provide free online photo albums services. You can store the photos there for your personal view or to show friends online or for printing as well. But always remember to keep a copy of the pictures you post online with original resolution as these online websites change the resolution for better online viewing.

Apart from these you can use these pictures as your desktop background or as screen saver. You can also load these photos on your cell phone. Today almost all cell phones have very good inbuilt digital cameras. You can click, send and save these pictures on your cell phones.Sony_digital_camera_Cybershot

You can also show these pictures while online chatting with your friends. MSN and yahoo allow posting a small image of yours on the chat window while chatting that your friends can see. The possibilities with digital cameras are endless for you to discover and explore.


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