Fight Craving To Lose Weight

cravegirlIt’s not an easy thing to diet and to exercise at the same time. By dieting you curb the calorie intake by reducing food but by the time you finish you exercise routine, you are practically famished. Is it really wise to deprive your body of the much needed calories after exercise?

As lack of enough calories after exercising can cause weakness and the whole purpose of exercising will get defeated. Unable to resist the pangs of hunger, you may eat things which are unhealthy that, in turn, will derail the whole plan of losing weight, for staying focused to lose weight it’s important to learn to fight hunger.

To control the unnecessary cravings for food increase the number of meals and decrease the quantity of food you eat in every meal. Instead of 3, make it 5-6 meals a day as this will not only boost metabolism but also keep your hunger pangs in check. This will help you feeling full, your metabolism roaring and your weight in control.

Drinking huge amount of water can prove to be very help as it is free of calories. During workout you lose a lot of fluids due to sweating, this can be replenished with water. It gives a feeling of fullness in stomach which can satiate some hunger till you are ready for your next meal. It’s important to drink water as it saves you from getting dehydrated and drains all toxins out of the body.

Sleeping fewer hours can also contribute in weight gain. A good amount of sleep is a must if you want to lose weight and live healthy. Also when you are up for longer hours you are prone to snack on food which is unhealthy at the fag end of the day. Sleep not only helps in controlling hunger but also recharges your batteries both physically and mentally. Sleeping early will help you in getting up early next day and keep you in high spirits.Appetite

Keep your fridge and pantry stuffed with enough low calories and healthy food options at all times as anyway you are going to get hungry some time or the other. Eating fat free and fibre rich food like fruits, vegetables, nuts, lime water etc fills up your stomach without adding calories to your daily diet.

Keep yourself busy as it will not let you think about food all the time and will keep you away from unhealthy and calories rich comfort foods. Sitting idle can tempt you to eat unnecessarily to kill time. Eating absentmindedly while watching TV or reading books is a sure passport to gain weight. Be mentally strong to resist the temptations and stay healthy.


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    • thanks. I am glad you liked it. will make sure to come up with interesting and informative write ups.

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