If we were to list the terms that are most misunderstood and misused then soulmates would top the list. Though I don’t claim to understand completely but here I would try to explain to the best of my understanding and as it is said that we teach best what we need to learn most.
To understand what a soul mate is we must first understand what a soul is. Soul is consciousness or thought. Contrary to the popular belief that our soul lives inside physical body, it actually surrounds it. Those who see and study aura would agree with what I am saying. I would love to explain a little more but I am afraid my urge to wander off would get better of me. So going back to soul, it can be perceived as a creational flame.

Our physical world is made up of electromagnetic energy. So it has opposite poles, positive and negative and its duality or polarity can best be described by yin and yang. This Chinese symbol tells that the whole physical world can be divided into the masculine and feminine energy and how balancing both is important as the dominance of one can be catastrophic.
Once our soul enters the physical world it is split in half—male and female. One half remains in higher frequency (as in above) and other half spirals down to what we can refer as the third dimension. If you are a man, your partner above is a female and vice versa.
As human beings, it’s encoded in our DNA to look for our lost half. As souls, it is part of human experience that we must reunite with our twin flame. This urge draws us close to our creational source as it works as a reminder that we must one day journey home to reunite with this lost half of ourselves who loves us unconditionally and makes us complete. This feeling of being incomplete and pangs of separation is the price our soul has to pay to learn lessons that only human existence can teach. May be now you can understand the Sufi poetry and the longing of the lover expressed there to be reunited with his beloved.
Almost all people at one point or the other of their lives feel lonely and lost. But some carry this feeling of loneliness and being incomplete throughout their lives. They are actually missing their other soul aspect which makes them feel abandoned, lost and depressed. They want someone to love them, share with them, and help them through this journey. No matter what they do they cannot find their missing self. A piece is always missing.
But if they are lucky they find someone who comes close to make them feel whole. They can meet someone who carry the same frequency as out twin flame in the higher frequency and get the feeling of union, the Oneness that they were seeking. When they make love with that partner they experience all of who they are and this union is multidimensional as they can also feel the energies of their other soul aspect as part of that union. It connects them not only to their other soul aspect but to the source of their creation, the whole universe. It brings an awakening akin to the enlightenment that seers would find after years of meditation. After that union they change completely as the soul that is once awakened can never go back to the state of unconsciousness.


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