Lose Weight with Yoga

Weight-loss-by-yoga-Obesity is taking the shape of epidemic in today’s world, thanks to our sedentary lifestyle, stress and unhealthy eating habits with no time for exercise.  We prefer to stay indoors and watch the idiot box rather than exercising our bodies or brain. Our children tend to learn from our actions and do the same. They spend whole day sitting and watching TV while munching wafers and getting obese. It’s becoming extremely important to have some kind of exercise or dieting programme to help us reduce weight by burning those extra calories.YOGA

Sometimes we do lose weight after joining weight loss programmes run by various fitness centres and following fad diets but end up with sagging and lose skin and feeling even worse.  So it’s very important to choose the kind of programme which would help us lose weight gradually for once and for all. Solution of all weight problems lies in Yoga, which is not only good for gradual weight loss but also for toning the body. Yoga provides the much needed discipline to have a healthy lifestyle besides there is no age to start it.

yoga1Yoga helps to reduce weight in a very homogeneous way without causing any side effects. With Yoga, you can tone all parts of your body and increase your flexibility.  There are specific asana or poses for every body part so that you can concentrate on each body part separately as per your requirement.

Sun Salute is mother of all poses and capable of curing obesity as well as many other diseases from the body.  But to work on your chest there is Baat pose-lying on back, Triangle pose, Lumbar wheel pose, and Spinal twist. For legs and arms you can opt for Bridge pose, Dog pose, Hero pose, Swinging lotus pose, and Tree pose. For tightening of abdomen one can opt for Cobra pose, Wind Releasing pose, Abdominal Lift, Child pose, and Spinal twist. To tone up your thighs and hips you have Angle pose, Dog pose, Celibacy pose, Butterfly pose and Sun Salute.

shilpa-shetty-yogaIn Yogic tradition, fasting has a great importance and is recommended at least once a week. You can practice various breathing exercises to balance the pranic energy, but strictly under the supervision of an expert. Meditation is another branch of Yoga which is helpful in relieving stress and improving overall health.


7 comments on “Lose Weight with Yoga

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  2. I am trying to make sure I am eating a balanced ratio of calories, fats, proteins and carbs each day to maintain my weight, but bulk up on muscle a bit. Any ratio you suggest?

    • source of the nuturients are as important as the calories they contain. for instance, the main source of fats should be nuts so include peanutbutter to your diet for fat as well as protien. make fruits and vegetables the main source of carbs. combination of different foods and time of their consumption also affects the production of fat in our body. One basic rule that we should follow is to strive to eat healthy and stay fit rather than becoming thin. when we start making healthy choices in our food as well as liesure activities, everything else just fall into place.

  3. This is my first time i stop in here. I found so innumerable absorbing effects in your blog especially its discussion. From the tons of comments on your articles, I guess I am not the just one having all the exercise here! remain up the meet work.

    • Thanks Simon for stopping by. I am glad you liked the discussions. its an ongoing learning process, and we all contribute what we know and learn what we don’t. deadlines are brutal aren’t they…:(

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