Why Choose a Notebook Over a Laptop

Notebook is the new sensation is the field of mobile computing. Notebook is a great alternative to a laptop. Precisely, notebooks are mini versions of laptop that can do everything a laptop is capable of doing but at the same time is much smaller in size. Notebooks can perform almost all computing applications as a laptop. It’s no wonder that all major laptop companies are now coming up with scaled down and less expensive versions to compete with notebooks.

Whether you need a notebook or not depends upon your usage and requirement. We use laptop for surfing the net, chat, and for sending and receiving mails, making presentation, MS Word and MS Excel mainly. We may also use it for music, pictures, gaming and videos but this can only be a small part of it.

Notebooks are produced by almost all the major computer manufacturing companies. Asustek and Acer are major players and their notebooks are very competitively priced. Notebooks come handy to mostly sales personals, businessmen and executives. This can help them in staying connected with their office constantly. It can be of great value to students for running standard computing applications.

Notebooks are mostly Window XP operated which makes its use very easy. Clarity of 10.1 inches TFT screen is very good. An Intel Atom N series chip with a clock speed of 1.6 GHz is installed with a 1GB RAM expandable to 2GB.


2 comments on “Why Choose a Notebook Over a Laptop

  1. Hi Guys, sorry if this is the wrong section 🙂 I am in the UK and I am looking to buy a new laptop I don’t need to do much, just surfing he web and checking emails etc. Any ideas about what spec I need and how much would be a realistic price?

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